Suitable House / Lifestyle Test 8 QUESTION!

Find the Most Suitable Home for You According to Your Lifestyle!

Find the Most Suitable Home for You According to Your Lifestyle!
Find the Most Suitable Home for You According to Your Lifestyle!
Nothing Like Home. Due to the recent pandemic, we are now stuck in our 
homes. We started doing things at home, it is risky to go out due to the epidemic.
Our house choices are big clues to who we are. We decided to go back today;
Describe your lifestyle. Compare with other people's votes.

Deep Note:
Let's make the description of the house for you.
The house is a wooden, earthen or reinforced concrete structure, surrounded 
by walls, divided into rooms, with its own roof and sometimes a garden, in
which people live. Houses that do not touch the surrounding houses and usually
have their own gardens are called detached houses. The concept of home is an
architectural term and refers to a different concept from other types of 
shelter, such as an apartment. However, it is also used for all kinds of
shelters regardless of its type in daily use. Today, a typical house has
a living room, rooms, kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

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  • Question of

    Can we start by learning the age range you’re in?

    • Under 18
    • 18-25
    • 26-35
    • 36+
  • Question of

    What do you care about most in your bilateral relationship?

    • loyalty
    • Trust
    • Excitement
    • Honesty
  • Question of

    How is your relationship with the house you live in now?

    • I’m already a housewife, I love it, it doesn’t come off easily
    • I come to bed like a hotel
    • Let’s say middling
    • I have plans for change in my mind
  • Question of

    What kind of holiday makes you feel good?

    • A touristic, discovery holiday
    • Sea, sand, sun are essential
    • It’s enough to be far and calm
    • I don’t need a vacation
  • Question of

    What do you think about common life in an ideal life?

    • One must have at least one roommate
    • Managing a house is hard work, one has to be alone
    • There is no peace in that house unless one is with their loved ones
    • There must be friends who come and go home, but still live alone
  • Question of

    Which of these clothing choices reflect you?

    • Suit
    • Jeans and T-shirt
    • Shabby tracksuit
    • Semi-formal shirt and fabric trousers
  • Question of

    If we finish with the best home activity !

    • Snack & Movie
    • Reading books
    • To make an artistic production
    • Sleep to the fullest

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