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Message from ASELSAN to stock market investors

Message from ASELSAN to stock market investors

Mehmet Fatih Güçlü, ASELSAN Deputy General Manager for Financial Management, stated that protecting company investors in the stock market is among their priorities and that they keep many alternatives on the agenda.

ASELSAN Financial Management Deputy General Manager Mehmet Fatih Güçlü answered the questions of AA correspondent at the “5th Productivity and Technology Fair” held at the ATO Congresium.

Emphasizing that they are proud to be a part of one of the organizations that show the point the country has reached in technology, Güçlü said, “Our ASELSAN is the flagship of our defense industry, the apple of our eye, our pride. Technology and efficiency are the basic elements we believe in the most. Productivity is a muscle that ASELSAN has to sustain. Technology is also ours. It is our main reason for existence. I am proud as someone who knows ASELSAN’s contribution to the last point our country has reached. I wish it to be beneficial for the country and the nation locally and nationally.” aforementioned.

250 thousand individual investors
When asked about the company’s performance in Borsa Istanbul, Güçlü said that ASELSAN successfully carried out its second public offering in 2018 and added $650 million in value to the country and the company under the extraordinary conditions of that day.

Pointing out that when they did this, they also met with individual investors who reached 200 thousand, Güçlü said:

“- Today, our ASELSAN is one of the companies with the largest number of individual investors in Turkey, one of the leading companies in this field. Today, we have over 250 thousand individual investors. As ASELSAN, this awareness and awareness is our basic principle. From the board of directors to the entire management, especially financial management It is our service to protect our investors and shareholders, but also to protect our company and our country.

  • We attach great importance to the event in this sense and it is always on our agenda. As Deputy General Manager for Financial and Financial Affairs, I keep this obligation on my agenda by keeping many alternatives on the agenda, not only for today, but also for share buyback programs. to raise awareness continuously and to inform our board of directors on these issues when necessary.
  • Therefore, our investors have trusted ASELSAN in this regard and they have always won in the long run, and they should continue to trust. ASELSAN always stands by its investors.”

“Our companies are so cheap they don’t deserve it”
Mehmet Fatih Güçlü gave the following answer to the question about ASELSAN’s share value:

“- I see that not only ASELSAN, but also our companies, which are listed on the stock exchange in Turkey and compete with many world giants, do not comply with their rankings in their own fields, they are unfairly discounted and become cheaper in the market.

  • We are among the top 50 in the world in our sector, but we are highly discounted in company and market valuations. Our companies, such as the world’s giant Turkish Airlines, are in a similar situation. Therefore, I believe that all our companies will reach the places they deserve by making the right investments at the right time.

“Hopefully, we will get rid of this place we do not deserve, and we will take place at the summits where we deserve financially.”

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