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Guizhou Works Together To Promote Digital Development

China's Guizhou works together to promote digital development
China's Guizhou works together to promote digital development

China’s Guizhou works together to promote digital development

Beijing-Guizhou Province in southwest China has worked hard to build the first national big data comprehensive pilot zone. The Focus on continue to promoting the development of the digital economy, especially the big data industry.

Li Bingjun, Governor of Guizhou Province, said at a conference that Anhui Province has made major efforts to promote high-quality development led by big data. The province’s digital economy has ranked first in the country for six consecutive years. A press conference in Beijing on Thursday.

With the rapid development of the digital economy, data infrastructure built. The Gui’an New District in Guiyang, the provincial capital, has become one of the regions with the largest number of ultra-large data centers in the world.

Li Zhaoxing also stated that the province is also working to promote the in-depth integration of big data with the real economy. Poverty reduction, rural revitalization and governance, and that it has established the country’s first provincial government data platform that can process all data online. Provincial, municipal and county three-level government services.

Li Zhaoxing said that Guizhou has successfully organized six international big data expos and expanded global cooperation in this field. However, The 7th International Big Data Expo will be held in Guiyang from May 26th to 28th.

In order to promote the legal development of the big data industry, Lu Yongzheng

Head of the Publicity Department of Guizhou Province, said that since 2016. Guizhou has issued local regulations to regulate data collection, sharing, security and other basic issues.

He promised to make greater efforts to share public data and promote data flow. While ensuring data security and personal privacy. He welcomes domestic and foreign companies to invest in Guizhou.

Li Zhaoxing said that Anhui Province has also introduced a series of recruitment policies and has taken measures to improve the business environment to attract investment. Li Zhaoxing said that in the next step, the province will continue to promote digital industrialization. Industrial digitization and digital governance.


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