Coffee has been found to promote aerobic capacity and fat burning during exercise

Coffee has been found to promote aerobic capacity and fat burning during exercise

This research was conducted by scientists from the Department of Physiology of the University of Granada. The core of the research is the so-called diurnal changes, or how the diurnal cycle regulates different natural processes. In this case, the body breaks down fatty acids after drinking coffee. the way.


The study involved 15 active men with an average age of 32, who participated in four different aerobic exercises, 7 days apart. The subjects were given a dose of caffeine equivalent to a cup of espresso or a placebo at 8 am or 5 pm, and half an hour later, physical exercise. The author said that other factors surrounding these links, such as fasting, exercise, or eating other stimulants, are strictly standardized.

Then, the scientists used a technique called indirect calorimetry to measure the maximum fat oxidation rate (MFO) during exercise and found that all people who had drunk strong coffee in advance burned more fat.

“Our results show that high-concentration caffeine intake 30 minutes before the aerobic exercise test increases the maximum fat oxidation rate during exercise, regardless of any time of the day,” explained study author Francisco J. Amaro Say.

Interestingly, the team also found that the MFO rate and the subject’s maximum VO2 (a common measure of aerobic capacity) were “significantly higher” in the afternoon. Compared with the placebo group, espresso increased MFO by an average of 10.7% in the morning, but increased by an average of 29% in the afternoon.

Since the sample size is so small, involving active men of the same age, it is difficult to say what effect drinking coffee has on the fat burning of other demographics, such as women or sedentary people. But the study does prove how this process is affected by the time of day in a small group of people. The authors pointed out that higher caffeine doses may further promote fat burning, which is an area that needs further investigation.

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