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Baby Clementoni – 17320 – Baby Stroller Toy, 0 – 36 months


Product description

Baby Clementoni – 17320 – Baby Stroller Toy, 0 – 36 months

The stroller toy can help children’s development and learning. Some of the benefits of the stroller toy are:

Development of motor skills: Children can improve their motor skills by performing movements such as pushing, pulling and riding the stroller toy.

Development of emotional and social skills: Children can learn skills such as sharing a stroller toy, playing with other children, and paying attention to their other toys.

Imagination and imagination: The stroller toy can help children develop their imagination and imagination, because children can build their games and stories with the stroller toy.

Physical activity: The stroller toy can help the child to increase the level of physical activity, because children must move to play with the toy and drive a car.

The stroller toy is a fun and educational toy for children and can help their physical, emotional, social and mental development.

About this product
It has a soft spiral shape for baby strollers
The different materials used and the hanging rattles make your baby have fun and be busy
The sweet squirrel has a soft tail that rustles
The toy develops visual skills, sensory and auditory perception
The hedgehog has a button on its belly that allows it to make a high-pitched sound
The little bird has a bell inside
The recommended age is 0 months and above


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